Privacy policy

We're happy to inform you regarding privacy and security. Of couse, if you find and issue in any way, please let us know and we'll get right back at you. You can use anytime.


There are no tracking cookies present for this service. All cookies present are required for the applcation to properly work. Cookies to external domains are all handled by Y agency. The best example is our analytics usage. This data is stored on a server we control ourselves.

No commercial cookies are stored or used. So no cookies will provide data to external companies, period.

Database and your stored data

Like we store the content of hosted courses in our application database. The same happens with the data you provide. Your name, email address and (encrypted)password is stored. This data is used to log you in and enables us to send you updates related to this service and this service only.

By using this service you can imagine that your course progress is also stored, otherwise we won't be able to tell you which lessons you've followed and where you can continue after logging back in.

Internal security

While using (development) workstations/laptops, all drives are encrypted. In case of possible theft, data on harddrives won't be easily accessed due to encryption of those drives. Contents of production databases will not be saved on premises. Y Agency uses protonmail for secure and encrypted email.

We don't use Google workspace or Microsoft Office 365 services for Y Agency related data other than Single Sign On purposes which the client may have enabled.

Sub processors

We share certain information with companies that may be considered our "sub-processors" under GDPR. This information is limited to the following;

  • We use Postmark for sending transactional emails. Which are needed to properly deliver email messages sent by this application.
  • We use Amazon Web Services for hosting our web infrastructure. All based in the European Union.
Y agency

Y agency is a pure, privacy aware training platform for entrepeneurs and companies with a mission.

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No commercial tracking, disclosure of private data or fingerprinting. All data in one place.

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