Obvious? Not always. Text plays an important part of sharing knowledge, but it will not be the one and only thing we focus on. But the text we do offer, needs to be consumed without any distractions and with ease. That's why we carefully select our fonts. (We're even in the process of doing so at the moment.)


Quite the broad definition of a visual element. It can be used to replace text to make things clear within seconds amongst many other reasons.


Want to provide more in depth material? We've got you covered. All lessons can be enriched with attachments which help understanding concepts. Use them wisely.


Where would we be without it. Without any external dependencies, you can directly upload your video content to make it privately available for your courses, trainings or knowledgebase.


Where would we be without encryption? All data sent to you, and back, will by encrypted by industry standard SSL encryption. Sensitive data, like passwords are encrypted by default.


Because we've seen first hand how easy platforms give out too much user data, we pride ourselves by keeping as much of it to ourselves, not other commercial entities.

Y agency

Y agency is a pure, privacy aware training platform for entrepeneurs and companies with a mission.

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