pure knowledge
privacy included

Y-Agency makes it easy for entrepeneurs or large companies to let people gain knowledge in their time, on a platform without noise or dependencies


All data is centrally managed

The platform manages all its data and you are in full control of what happens to it. No data will be sold to third party entities whatsoever. That is a principle that will not change

  • On every device

    No seperate apps or dependency, just grab your laptop, smartphone or tablet and browse to your company url.

  • No noise

    With a clean interface, without distractions and carefully curated fonts your audience will appreciate you for.

  • Media

    All media you'll present, will be hosted by us, providing you a way to keep your content managable

  • Private video

    The video you'll upload for your courses will be private to the platform. No need to use Vimeo or Youtube as a dependency.

elearning in its purest form, focused on the basics, privacy included.
Y agency

Y agency is a pure, privacy aware training platform for entrepeneurs and companies with a mission.

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No commercial tracking, disclosure of private data or fingerprinting. All data in one place.

Hosted and developed in the EU.